We play badminton every Sunday from 3pm to 6pm at Kensington Leisure Centre, Silchester Road, London, W10 6EX. We look forward to see you.

As a visitor the cost is £8 per session (note fee increase as of July 1, 2022 – see latest news), which you pay cashless by card at the registration desk in the badminton hall; pre-booking required, contact email: membership@lyclondon.com; or copy and paste the following link in your browser https://badmintonengland.azolve.com/Workbench/Public/Events?subCategory=LYC%20Badminton%20London&category=Club%20Events

One can play as a visitor up to 3 times per year, after that one needs to become a member of LYC (which is better value per session than continuing to play as a visitor) and Badminton England (to ensure insurance cover, etc.).

We use a grading system at LYC to try to make sure that everyone plays most of their games with other players at a similar level of experience. Roughly, the grades are:
A – very experienced or league players
B/B+ – skilled/experienced players
C/C+ – less skilled/experienced and social players

As a visitor, we will give you a provisional grade based on the above guidelines. We recommend starting at a lower grade and then we can adjust your grade upwards if you are not being suitably challenged. Once you become a member, there is a more structured system of grading, details of which you can find on the Grading page.

When you get to the front desk, let us know that you’re visiting and you will issued with a board magnet with your name and provisional grading, which you then place in the “queue” on the magnetic board. The person at the front of the queue will be called to pick players for the next game.

Generally the procedure is to pick players in the queue that are of a roughly similar grading. e.g. if you are graded as a B player, you will choose C+, B, or B+ players for the next game, always trying to get a good balance of grades from the players in the queue so that the game is evenly matched. e.g. If you are a C grade player, you will choose either C or C+ players. If you are an A grade player, you will choose B+ or A players.

If it is your turn to pick players, move the magnets for the team you have chosen into one of the holding positions. A board monitor will then move your team’s magnets forward in the queue as courts become available. As the player who picked the game, you are effectively the team captain, and you must keep an eye on the board to see how your team is progressing in the queue. When your team is one or two from the front, gather your team together ready to go on to play. When it’s your turn to play, the board monitor will call out just YOUR name and the Court number. At that stage take your team quickly onto the available court.