Whilst LYC is predominantly a social club, all players strive to improve their game and skills. So in addition to free coaching sessions open to ALL members, the club’s top players enter the Badminton England league team competitions which provide the opportunity to play against a variety of different and better players. Said differently, the LYC club is great for competitive social play at various levels (see grading section) and better players get to make even more improvement by playing regularly against the best players of other clubs which the league competitions enable!

The LYC league team (around 20 of the club’s best players) typically enters 3 competitions per year: Middlesex League Men’s Division 7, and Hammersmith League Men’s 6s and Men’s 4s. Matches start in October and run through to April the following year. There are generally 12 away matches and 12 home matches, with most games played on Sunday. Home games are played at Kensington Leisure Centre at 12 or 1pm, so open for ALL LYC members to attend and support. Also, league team players subsequently join the standard Sunday session afterwards: a win-win for ALL.

Fixtures for the season are published –  click here to access the Middlesex County Badminton Association website.