We use a grading system at LYC to try to make sure that everyone plays most of their games with other players at a similar level of experience. Roughly, the grades are:
A – very experienced or league players
B/B+ – skilled/experienced players
C/C+ – less skilled/experienced and social players

Any LYC paid member can ask to be re-graded. If a player is no longer able to compete within his/her grade consistently, or is perhaps recovering from an injury, he/she may wish to be re-graded to a lower grade. If a player feels he/she is not getting decent games, or has improved or thinks that re-grading can help with improvement, he/she can ask to be re-graded to a higher grade.

If you are thinking about re-grading to a higher level, you may wish to attend one of the coaching sessions so you will have an idea of what is required/expected of a player in a particular grade.

If you definitely wish to be re-graded, register your interest to the committee and/or our coach, JT, either by email or in person at one of the Sunday sessions. You will then be emailed some documents about the whole re-grading process.

Briefly, the process will involve your being given a provisional grade for 3 weeks, during which time you will need to keep records for all your games. JT and the Committee will then assess your results and make a decision on the 4th week.