LYC offers free coaching to all members at all grades. Coaching takes place almost every Sunday from 2-3pm, just before our standard Sunday Session.

As of 15/03/2020, the scheduled coaching/training list is as follows:

If you want to be added to the waitlist or have any questions about coaching, please email us at Please always include your LYC Board Name and Grade in any communication.

LYC Coach Qualification Support

Coaching is the best way to play better badminton, and it is a feature of LYC that members receive free coaching. We want to ensure that our coaches have a close association with LYC, and therefore the club will, in certain circumstances, support members who are studying for coaching qualifications. This policy seeks to ensure that this benefits both the individual member and the club.

Any member who has demonstrated appropriate ability, plus commitment to the club, (e.g. through attendance, voluntary work for the club etc) can apply by emailing the committee with a brief explanation of what they are asking for and why they believe they are a good candidate for such support.